MINEOLA, Texas — Everyday new faces pass through Highway 80 in Mineola. 

"Highway 69 and Highway 80 are major thoroughfares so we have thousands of cars going through our downtown in Mineola," Doris Newman, Mineola's Main Street Program Manager, said. 

However, it's the 99 faces of Mineola Independent School District's 2020 graduating class that's stopping traffic. 

"I think they'll be the only graduating class in the history of Mineola that has ever had their photos displayed in Main Street, that's pretty cool," Cody Mize, Mineola ISD Superintendent, said. 

Mize says schools have been flexible in finding avenues to celebrate its seniors. 

"Just trying to create those special moments even in these difficult times and working with the city and this project it's just one more thing to make it a little bit special," Mize said. 

The district paired up with the City's Main Street program to bring the project to life. 

"It seems like such a wonderful relationship, wonderful marriage of having our children, our young adults I should say, their pictures displayed downtown which helped make them who they are," Newman said. 

While some traditions such as prom and end of the year banquet's won't happen this year, other traditions in the process are created. 

"I think this is a great way to start," Mize said. "I think yeah you'll have classes after them that will definitely want to see this continue."

According to the district's Facebook page, the photos will come available to the seniors the Monday after graduation.