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New Morning Acres: The family that ditched the city life for East Texas to chase their dream

From the Dallas area to Winnsboro, TX, New Morning Acres continues to positively impact the East Texas community as a family.

WINNSBORO, Texas — In 2018, Chris, Andie, Aubrey, Collin, and Cindi Miller ditched their city life in Dallas to build the life they've always wanted. 

Andie Miller, married to Chris Miller, recalls her and her husband watching food documentaries that exposed how flawed the food system is. Andie says it's largely due to mass production. 

Mass production means it's a gamble to get the freshest or tastiest food. The family knew this back in Dallas as they often went to a local farmer's market in the area. 

The family bought a property in Winnsboro to have a vacation home away from home, but "fell in love" with the town the farmer's market, Andie said. 

It wasn't the easiest transition for the Miller family. The first year was a learning curve for Chris and Andie; however, for the kids, Aubrey and Collin, it meant leaving behind their friends. 

"It was kind of hard at first and then I started to meet people and it got a little easier," Aubrey said. Her younger brother, Collin, says once he started to make new friends, he grew to love life in East Texas. 

Aubrey and Collin are homeschooled and their school schedule is based on harvest seasons. 

At New Morning Acres the key to success is hard work, determination, and hard work. 

Andie Miller says life on the farm provides life lessons and work ethic for her children. 

Though the days are long, for Chris Miller, being with his family more makes it all worth it. Chris worked in Corporate America and spent a lot of time away from his family, but now "we do it all together as a family." 

New Morning Acres has partnered with Winnsboro ISD to provide fresh produce for all their students. Their farm fresh produce is also offered at Sinclair Market , Granary Health Foods - East Tyler, Granary Health Foods - Lindale, and at the Winnsboro Farmers' Market and online on their website.