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Tyler mom creates 'Little Free Library' for daughter during COVID-19

Thanks to quarantine, a Tyler mom found a way for her daughter to enjoy the benefits of going to the library right in her own neighborhood.

TYLER, Texas — As many of us are still adjusting to our new temporary normal, a Tyler mom made sure to make this strange time just as special for her 4-year-old daughter.

Erin Bailey's daughter, Delaney, has a passion for reading books, so her mom decided to bring the books to her, by building a Little Free Library.

“I love reading books,” Delaney said. 

“Every time I saw the library, I’d grab a book, and it would keep her happy for like another hour or so,” Erin said. “I promised her I said, when we get a home one day, I will make you a little free library, so we'll have our own library one day.”

There are over one-hundred thousand Little Free Libraries all over the world, but when Delaney kept pointing them out to her mom, she promised to make one of their own. 

“Pink and yellow, and white and some flowers,” Delaney said.

Credit: Erin Bailey
Delaney's Little Free Library

“Our friend Nick Star, he actually built it for us,” Erin said. “He was over one day doing some repairs on our patio and I asked him if he wanted to build this one and he got so excited. He's always wanted to make one of his own.”

Now that little library, painted in pink and green, sits along Huntington Drive in Tyler. 

It’s one of hundreds of others across the East Texas area. 

According to its website, the nonprofit helps readers exchange and have access to millions of book

“She sits right here in her little window and she watches the neighbors go by,” Erin said. “When they go out to the library, she'll pound on the window and wave at them.”

The little library has become a hit during COVID-19. 

“All the kids like ride up on their bicycles and they kind of just rate it and go through it," Erin said. “The moms bring their kids by. The families go for walks. I've had a couple of parents drive by in their cars and load their kids and load them back up.”

Delaney’s library has all types of books, everything from when Delaney was a baby, to older books for kids. 

“There's also older books for little girls and boys her age,” Erin said. “I prefer it like when I was a kid, just sit down, read a book. Just turn off the social media. Turn off everything and read a book with your kid.”

If you want to see if there is a Little Free Library in your neighborhood, a map is available on the Little Free Libraries website.