One Tyler woman is on a mission to brighten people’s days with flowers.

Gloria Washington started her charity, Heart for Hearts Mission to honor her husband who passed away last year. She says by donating flower arrangements she’s also spreading her husband’s love and spirit.

“I can feel his presence whenever I create an arrangement, I know he’s here, whenever I deliver these arrangements, I know he’s here,” said Washington.

Washington says she’s always had a passion for flowers, but it was her late husband who encouraged her to pursue it, now, she’s determined to comfort those facing health issues.

“Bring a bright shiny day into the lives of patients that are in nursing homes, hospice facilities, hospitals, children’s hospitals or wherever there is a need,” she stated.

Recipients of the kind gesture say they are thankful for Washington’s efforts.

“If you’re out here, something like this is very special, when you’re in the hospital,” said Jeanette, a patient.

Washington says, the return is more than she could hope for, “the hugs, the kisses, the thanks, and I tell everyone this, it makes my heart go pitter patter.”

Washington is in need of donations and is looking for volunteers. If you would like more information you can contact the program’s Executive Director Gloria Washington at 903-283-6089 or email her at