TYLER — A jury awarded over $8 million to an East Texas truck driver for injuries sustained in a railroad accident in May 2015.

Charles Knighton was hurt while unloading a feed truck into a train car at The Blackland Railroad trans-loading facility in Mount Vernon, Texas. The railroad conductor gave Knighton permission to get on top of the train car, then moved the same car without letting Knighton know, causing Knighton to fall over 15 feet and suffering serious, disabling injuries.

Knighton was represented by Randy Roberts and Mike Ace of the Roberts & Roberts Law Firm in Tyler, and by John C. Ginn of Smith, McDowell and Ginn.

The pivotal moment in the case was when the conductor gave contradictory testimony in court.

Randy Roberts believes that the verdict will finally offer some much-deserved peace for the Knightons and said, “Roberts & Roberts is proud to have had a role in obtaining a measure of justice for Charles and Misti Knighton. The jury’s verdict will allow them to move past Charles’ injuries and begin a long-delayed process of healing.”

The case is Knighton v. The Blackland Railroad, Case No. CV42641, in the 62nd District Court, Hopkins County, TX.