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BUY HERE: $39 Off Dual Saw Bundle and Carrying Case + Free Shipping

This deal sold out in minutes on the Home Shopping Network and today I've managed to find an even better price! Just in time for Father's Day and ideal for this DIY season, the now famous Dual Saw is a complete steal.

You've likely seen the infomercials for that saw that can supposedly slice through anything. From PVC, to copper, Plexiglass, diamond plate, aluminum formica, plastics and life's toughest chores, the Dual Saw gets the job done.

The best part: you can cut or saw through anything without having to change blades. The Dual Saw features two saw blades that spin simultaneously in opposite directions. Without the kickback, sparks and overheating that plague traditional power tools, this saw is safer and more effective.

When HSN featured this deal for $20 more than the price I found, it jammed up phone banks and sold out in minutes. In time for Father's Day, deck work, yard improvement and household projects, this timing is even more ideal.

Click the play button to watch the Dual Saw in action.

- Save money and time with no need to buy different blades

- One tooth cuts while the other saw polishes

- Professional and precise; cuts without splintering or breaking

- Cuts backward and forward without the typical kickback

- Extremely precise and a much safer cut

- Comes with carrying case and 10 lube sticks

- Lowest recorded price today

$39 Off Dual Saw Bundle and Carrying Case + Free Shipping

Was: $129.95

Now: $89.99


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