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BUY IT NOW: $70 off the top-rated LIVEBOX, get free TV and free shipping

Do you feel like you're overpaying your cable company for channels you never watch and sub-par customer service? Looking to cut the cord? You'll want to check the top-rated new live streaming box from HK1.

Simply plug the HK1 box into the back of any available HDMI port on your television and in seconds it unlocks hundreds of free movies, TV shows and Google Apps in beautiful HD quality. Equipped with a remarkably fast computer chip and processor, this TV box out-performed Apple TV at a fraction of the price. It also supports Airplay if you have an iPhone or iPad as well as instantaneous connectivity with Android devices to stream content you already watch.

HK1 streaming box apps aggregate movies, TV shows and ad-supported content including live feeds for this TV station. You can also use it to enjoy live sports.

You will need a decent Internet connection for this box to work and it can be hooked up via your household WiFi or through an Ethernet cable. It is 4K capable and has stunning picture quality for content that's in High Definition.

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  • Features of the HK1 LIVE Box 2018:
  • Watch hundreds of free movies and TV shows; browse the web from your TV
  • You can easily add any Google Play store apps, including Netflix
  • Stream 4K movies with ease, depending on your Internet service
  • 3D function fully supports 3D videos for 3D-ready televisions
  • Includes remote control
  • Outperformed the Apple TV in terms of customizable options and features for the price
  • The fastest Android TV box available for this price

Please be aware there are dozens of HK1 knock-offs being sold on Amazon right now for under $80. These are not licensed boxes and can be remotely disabled upon use. The deal I found is for an authorized unit and is for the lowest price.

BUY IT NOW: $70 off the top-rated LIVEBOX, get free TV and free shipping
Retail Price: $149.99
Amazon Price: $99.99
Deal Price: $79.99


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