Jacksonville, Fla. – Abraham Corbett is the type of dad any child would be lucky to have because he adores his family.

Missing 9-year-old girl found safe, back with family

“I’ve learned that every member of my family has different needs and we can work together to get through anything,” Corbett said after his young daughter, Camille Corbett, 9, ran away from home Friday morning.

“My wife told her that she was in trouble and that she would have to speak with me when I got home, so Camille decided to take off,” he said.

Fortunately, Camille didn’t go far, just down the road to her grandparent’s house where she hid under a bed.

“My wife and I were so scared and we had a moment where we reached a decision to set up a make-shift post, like a tent, so we could respond to all any activity to find our daughter,” he said.

Corbett said hundreds of people flooded his neighborhood to search for Camille.

“I just couldn’t believe, all these people that I didn’t even know, boats and helicopters, friends and neighbors, total strangers, all looking for my little girl and that is something I will never forget,” he said.

Camille is now home safely and at the time of this story, was inside laughing and playing with her family.