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A timeline of Toll 49: Segment 6 | Route options, concerns and potential impact on East Texans

East Texans raise concerns for potential Toll 49 route expansion options.
Credit: NET RMA

TYLER, Texas — In 2006, Toll 49, previously known as the Tyler Loop was designated as a toll road by the Texas Transportation Commission. 

The project was originally proposed by the TxDot Tyler District, but due to limited finances would have taken more than 25 years to complete. 

With some assistance from a $12.25 million Toll Equity Grant provided by NET RMA, the project was able to move forward at a quicker pace, opening up in 2013.

Since then Segments 1-2, 3A, 3B, 4 and 5 have been completed which included improvements and expansions to the toll road. 

Just seven years after Segment 5 was completed, plans for Segment 6 have been discussed with the public.

On December 11, 2018 NET RMA hosted the first workshop with the public to discuss possible route suggestions. 

With the help of more than 280 members of the public, six routes were chosen to be considered for the expansion. 

Credit: NET RMA

Following the meeting, East Texans already had concerns with some of the routes.

On June 4, 2019, NET RMA hosted a second workshop to narrow the list of potential routes to three options. 

Although the list of three potential routes won't be determined until later this year people have until June 19th to let their voice be heard and considered in the decision making process. 

But, East Texans aren't only sharing their comments be heard by NET RMA, but also sharing it on social media as well. 

A Facebook group has even been dedicated for people to share their concerns with what they call "The Terrible Toll 49".

This group is for public awareness and information about one of the most dangerous roads in Texas and it is located right here in Smith County, it is the Terrible Toll Road 49.

Provide your input on the proposed route options through a survey via NET RMA by June 19th.