Bryce Wellman was in the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas when shots rang out, killing at least 50 people and injuring more than 400 people.

Wellman, an Austinite and Cedar Park 911 dispatcher, was to the right of the stage directly in front of Mandalay Bay Hotel where the shooter fired from.

"There was like one or two pops," Wellman said. "I looked at my friend Katie, who was in the suite with me, and I said, 'What was that?' She was like 'I have no idea.'"

He said everyone thought it was firecrackers or some type of fireworks.

"All of a sudden, it just started raining down with gunfire, and that's when we hit the floor and we started seeing the crowd start running away," he said.

Fortunately, his group was in a suite, but he said he could hear the bullets striking the room.

"There was a girl that had been shot in the chest and everyone was trying to make sure she was okay, but everyone was running at that point," he said.

He captured the moments after he heard gunshots:

At one point during the chaos, he pulled out his phone.

"I just wanted to make sure that my mom was the last person I talked to just in case something happened," Wellman said. "So she was on the phone with me and I told her we're on the floor. There's a shooter somewhere. I was like I think we're going to try and run. She stayed on the phone with me while I was running through the random dirt lot."

After the ordeal, he posted on Facebook to let his friends and family know he was safe:

After the concert, Bryce Wellman posted on Facebook to let his friends and family know he is okay.


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Wellman is currently staying in Henderson, a city about 15 miles southeast from the hotel. He plans on flying out of Vegas Monday night to get back to Austin.