TYLER, Texas — East Texas students are back in school. Most have already settled into their school routines. With this, comes the return of homework. 

"A lot of students will say, I'm not good at...maybe I'm not good at math or I'm not good at reading or I'm not good at something," franchise owner of Sylvan Learning in Tyler and Longview, Carol Pope, said.

The tutoring franchise primarily focuses on math and reading help for pre-K through 12th-grade students.

Based on her experience, Pope says oftentimes there can be roadblocks, preventing students from doing their best.

"It's not that they're not good at it. They've got some gaps. So, along the way, the content area has gotten harder and they have those gaps that are not going to repair themselves," Pope said.

To help bridge those gaps, Sylvan offers one-on-one learning opportunities for students with tutors, who are also certified teachers. 

"Every student here has their own learning plan," Pope said. "It's meeting the needs that they need, not dependent on anybody else in their group." 

Sylvan also utilizes a handful of study materials to prepare students for college entrance exams. 

"We're looking to identify students and meet them where they are," Mentoring Alliance Director Preston Reece said.

The Mentoring Alliance oversees several children's programs, including the Boys and Girls Club of East Texas.

"We've seen life transformations in many of our students because it's not only that they just come one day, but they have an opportunity to come five days a week, 37 weeks out of the year," Reese said.

The after school program serves over 1,250 students in Tyler, Whitehouse and Bullard Independent School Districts. This primarily includes kindergarten through fifth-grade students. 

Trained staff oversee a combination of academic learning assistance, computer labs and structured social activities. 

"The progress and benefits that a child has starting in kindergarten, going all the way through fifth-grade or eighth-grade, you can't even measure it. It's unreal," Reese said.

To learn more about each after-school learning program, visit Sylvan Learning Center or Boys and Girls Club of East Texas