TROUP, Texas — A Black Hawk helicopter made a precautionary landing on a resident's pasture Thursday evening in Troup.

According to authorities, the helicopter is from the Arkansas National Guard. The helicopter was transitioning during its flight and was not on a mission.

The Arkansas National Guard says the helicopter experienced electrical problems during its flight. The pilot decided to land the aircraft out of an "abundance of safety" at about 5 p.m. Thursday.

No one was injured in the landing.

Scott Stovall, the owner of the pasture, opened his home and allowed two soldiers to stay overnight.

"They were all worried asking if we were upset they had landed in our field, I said of course not," Stovall said. "Then we started showing the Texas hospitality."

As strong supporters of the military, Stovall says he wanted to show his thanks for those serving the country.

The Arkansas National Guard sent additional helicopters to the scene to fix the aircraft. 

The helicopter was successfully repaired and took off from the pasture shortly after noon to return to its base.

This is developing story. CBS19 will update this story as more information becomes available.