Right now it is illegal for a brewery to sell you a beer to go but that could change soon. 

The State House passed a bill that would allow breweries to sell beer at their location and have it to go.

"So this could be a huge change for manufacturing breweries. Currently, Texas is the only state that doesn't allow breweries to produce beer, package it, then sell it to the consumer right on site" owner of ETX Brewing Company, Brian Gilstrap, said.  

Texas classifies places who sell beer as wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers. Each classification comes with a different set of rules of how you can sell beer.

The change of law will also make it easier for breweries to sell their beer without having to get a different license.

"We had to get a brewpub license in order to sell beer to go. Which again is the misconstrued whole TBAC and Texas alcohol law system makes you change your licenses and be creative just to be able to that," Gilstrap said.  

The Texas House also passed a bill that would allow grocery stores to sell beer on Sundays starting at ten in the morning instead of 12 p.m.

Both bills still need to go through the state Senate.