For National Paul Bunyan day, CBS 19’s chief news photographer Alan Kasper went to Camp Tyler where the American folklore logger hero is an important part of camp tradition.

Out of the northern woods, Bunyan is known for trapping, fishing and logging. He was a huge, hulking figure legendary for accomplishing superhuman feats and accompanied by a giant blue ox named Babe.

“This is our Paul Bunyan outfit hanging on the wall with his giant fishing hook,” said Jim Cunningham, executive director at Camp Tyler. “Paul Bunyan was an important part in the tales that we told around here.”

Buyan placed an emphasis on companionship, hard work and teamwork.

“Unfortunately, the most kids hear about Bunyan is when they happen to ask at camp,” Cunningham said. “The story is not told much anymore.”

He said he wishes parents would take time to re-tell the legendary tales.

“Sit down with your children, read them a story, talk to them about it,” Cunningham said. “When they start asking about Buynan, tell them. It's a wonderful thing and the kids need it. They love it, they grasp it and it's a great way to connect with our youth again."

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