TYLER, Texas — The City of Rusk is experiencing a spike in car burglaries right in front of people's homes. 

People's cars are being broken into, in their very own driveways. 

The break-ins seem to be much easier than you may expect, nearly all cases the car doors were unlocked. 

"Everyone we've had in the last few days, they've all been unlocked. None of them have been locked up," Rusk County Sheriff, Jeff Price, said. "We have no broken glass, no doors that were jimmied, they've all been left unlocked."

In many cases, people would leave their cars unlocked with valuable items. 

"We've come up with firearms missing, laptops, tablets, cash, cell phones," Sheriff Price said. 

There have been seven cars broken into just in May and if people keep leaving their cars unlocked, the trend likely continue.