Christian Women's Job Corps of Tyler is gearing up for their fall session, where they will equip women with employment skill but this year, they are introducing a new pilot program.

It will take their 10-week session to 12 weeks. They will host colleges and universities to get women enrolled and they will have a hiring fair.

Nearly 80% of the women they send out into the work force find employment but what is more, they teach and foster independence and build confidence.

Genevieve Giugovaz is originally from Canada. She married, went to Tyler, but then she went through a divorce. That is when she was referred to the Christian Women's Job Corps.

"I needed to build my skills also in the computer," Giugovaz said.

The skills she learned would propel her to become a manager at a local business and she now travels to train other employees. She says without CWJC, she probably would have taken a job that did not pay as much.

"Then you don't have enough time or enough energy to look for something better and you don't have the skill either," Giugovaz said.

Now Giugovaz gives back to the program. She teaches computer courses two nights a week at CWJC where women are tested to determine their capabilities, then trained in Microsoft word, Excel, and other valuable programs.

Executive Director Sherry Skinner said helping women succeed is more than a job, it is her calling.

"I have a passion for serving women because I really love them,” Skinner said. “I know that there are difficulties that they have to overcome whether they are a single mother or they are an older woman and they know that they can't live on social security and they have to go back and learn some skills to help them get employed.”

In 2016, over 142 women who graduated programs found jobs. The new pilot program that will take women from immediate employment to long term success through college enrollment, she hopes to take the number sky high.

“They get the opportunity become the heroes in their own lives."

Fall employment training begins September 5th and applications are being taken right now.

To be eligible for the Christian Women's Job Corps Programs, you need a high school diploma or your GED and must be 18 years of age or older.

There is no class charge, but there is a $32 registration fee to reserve a class and for incidental expenses.

You can apply at their new building located at 310 West Ferguson street.