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City of Lindale sees spur of new businesses

The City of Lindale has seen new businesses popping up all over.

LINDALE, Texas — The City of Lindale anticipated seeing new businesses open up in 2020 after the completion of the Toll 49 Lindale Relief Route. 

However, when the pandemic hit, Shelbie Glover, president and CEO of the Lindale Area Chamber of Commerce, said things hit a pause.

"We witnessed the COVID-19 start in Smith County and we immediately saw business closures, business changes, and lots of challenges," Glover said. "But after we regrouped, and I mean, we, in the sense of all of our business community together, collectively regrouped, and refocused, I think we've seen a surge in business here locally."

However since the summer, business has picked back up in Lindale with new stores opening up.

National chains Chick-Fil-A and QuikTrip recently opened up off the Interstate 20 exit. Glover says for small businesses, the city has seen a push in beauty.

"We saw a big increase in both women's clothing boutiques coming to town, we saw three or four of those pop up in town, we also saw new spas," she said.

Some businesses which have opened since the pandemic include several on Main Street like Pearls and Paper Dolls, Melissa's Majestic Paws, Organica Floral, and Organica Spa.

"I think for 2021 and 2022, you're going to see more of both the nationally owned businesses coming to Lindale because of location, location, location, but I think you're also going to see the small business owners are fighting for their location on Main Street as well," Glover said.

Lindale's restaurant industry took one of the hardest hits from the pandemic, Glover says at the beginning many closed or had to adjust their operations. While the city hasn't seen as much growth for food options as other areas, Glover anticipates it too will pick up soon.

"I think we're going to continue to see the restaurant industry thrive and grow as they bring those employees back on board," she said.

The Lindale area is seeing new homeowners come to the area which Glover believes will attract more businesses and jobs to the city as well.

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