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Carlisle ISD student-athlete begins road to recovery after severe leg injury

He has this message he wanted to share with the team: "Don't let my injury set you back and if they don't play for anyone else do it for me."

PRICE, Texas — Carlisle ISD sophomore corner and wide receiver Zeshuan Reed injured both of his legs during a recent football game. 

His dad and coach Kenneth Reed, who was watching from the sidelines on Sept. 16, said it was an unusual injury not often seen in football. 

"It looks like it was going to be a good clean tackle going at each other. Pretty much helmet to helmet almost and when he hit, I just saw my son fly backward,” Kenneth Reed said. “I've never seen an injury like that so for them to confirm that to me it was just kind of a freaky incident that happened."

Doctors discovered he had fractured his right tibia and fibula and fractured his left femur on his thigh. 

Zeshuan, who goes by Z by friends and family, was immediately rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery, where metal rods were placed in both of his legs. 

"I didn't believe that I was actually hurt and then later that night it kicked in and I was like 'dang this happened and I have to push through this,'” Zeshuan said. 

Luckily Z wouldn’t have to go through the process alone. 

His friends, family, coaches and teammates came to visit him while he was in the hospital, where he celebrated his 16th birthday on Monday.

“Just having all of them come out and support me has been really helpful,” Zeshuan said. "It helped me want to get better faster so I can get back out there on the field.”

Kenneth Reed said the love they’ve received from the Price community has been overwhelming, comforting and supportive.

“Price, Texas is the best place to be, if it wasn't for them, me, my wife and my son wouldn't have been able to make it through this process," Kenneth Reed said. "From the community to the school everyone has been so helpful." 

Zeshuan said he plans to attend every football game to support his teammates.

Before this Friday night game, he has this message he wanted to share with the team: "Don't let my injury set you back and if they don't play for anyone else do it for me."

During his recovery, he's also keeping student-athlete and friend Copper Reid in mind. 

“He's in a rough time right now, keep praying for him, I believe he'll make it through,” Zeshaun added. 

Zeshuan said he’s expected to make a full recovery by January in time for him to run for track and field season. 

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