TYLER, Texas — More than 30 people showed up to the Meals on Wheels East Texas monthly board meeting Tuesday to voice their frustrations on the organization's leadership under Kari Keitzer during the open forum portion of the meeting.

"If we don't do something to remove Kari Kietzer from office, the current CEO, this mission, this mission that is Meals on Wheels, which has been around for 45 years will shut its doors," a former interim grant writer for MOW, Julie Gobble, said.

During the first part of the meeting, nine people were signed up to speak. 

Though it was an open forum, the board required speakers to address agenda items only.

Despite this, two of the speakers addressed their concerns with Keitzer's leadership, who was in attendance. Speakers were also frustrated they could not speak on their salaries which according to some, is another major issue within the organization.

"I feel talked down to, I think they treated us like you know they are not interested in anything we had to say," Dorothy Hammock a MOW donor said.

According to the Tyler Morning Telegraph, Meals on Wheels East Texas is behind on its bill and dozens of employees are leaving the organization.

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"I left due to having several inappropriate interactions with the CEO herself," Gobble explained.

The board says they will look into the issues brought up during the first forum session.

When Keitzer spoke during the agenda portion of the meeting, some of the crowd could be heard murmuring. 

During the second open forum, Gobble criticized board members, telling them it would be "their fault" if the ministry lost funding and closed its doors. She was asked to leave the meeting by Chairman John Genung.

The board went into executive session following the second open forum to discuss "personnel issues."

People gathered outside of the building to discuss the back and forth that happened during the meeting.

"I felt everybody was very frustrated," Gobbled said.