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East Texas organizations take donations to Lake Charles, Louisiana

J. Starr Ministries and Crossroads Church in Tyler will be delivering the donations on Saturday.

TYLER, Texas — Hurricane Laura made landfall three weeks ago, leaving a path of destruction behind in many parts of Louisiana. Now, some east Texans are trying to help residents there recoup some of what they lost.

"We're gonna take chainsaws, all sorts of non perishable items, canned goods, cleaning supplies," Patrick Johnson of J. Starr Ministries said. "And we're not only going to deliver those supplies, but we're going to work I think till about six that afternoon and just see what we can do to help the people."

J. Starr Ministries along with Crossroads Church in Tyler and several other local businesses are collecting donations to be delivered this weekend. One place you can drop off items is Southbound Nutrition in Marshall. Owner, Sandi Kracman, says they're accepting just about any household item that people can use. 

Credit: soutbound nutrition

"Anything really, that's mainly like clothes, non perishable foods, toys, cleaning supplies," Kracman said. "I know a lot of them lost mostly everything. So really, anything you could think of in your home that a lot of people might not have now."

J Starr Ministries will be leaving for Louisiana Saturday morning, however, you can still donate items to Southbound Nutrition or Crossroads Church. 

Johnson says he will more than likely be making another trip to Louisiana in the near future, and Crossroads Church will also be heading back down there in early October. 

Credit: southbound nutrition

"They're our neighbors, they're our brothers and sisters, and you know if they hurt we hurt," Johnson said.

For more information on ways you can help our neighbors in Louisiana, contact J. Starr ministries at 903-424-1757.