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Getting your home repaired during COVID-19

What some contractors are doing to make sure their staff and customers stay safe.

TYLER, Texas — The summer months are a popular time for home upgrades and repairs. 

"We've definitely had more things on the exterior of a house, you know, your patios, decks, roofing, things like that that's outside the house, they want to get things done, because a lot of people are off work right now," Green Total Contracting owner, Gavin Green said. 

Credit: Gavin Green

With COVID-19 cases still on the rise, many home repair services are seeing a decrease in clients because their afraid of having strangers enter their homes. 

"It has slowed down a little bit as far as interior repairs, which is understandable, because, you know, people are home all day long," Green said. "They don't quite want workers and crews in there with them while they're at home."

Credit: Gavin Green

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a list of recommendations for anyone doing repair work inside a home including wearing gloves, masks and washing hands frequently. Green says his staff does all of these things and more. 

"We even put booties on our shoes, when we're going inside the house to try to minimize any kind of cross contamination," Green said. "And we even put up what's called a zip system is basically a plastic wall divided up from room to room, and basically boxed ourselves in there."

Credit: Gavin Green

Green says they tend to cater their safety precautions to each client so if you're considering getting any work done in your home, make sure to communicate any worries you might have to your contractor. 

Many local apartment complexes have also amended their policies for making repairs during this time as well. If you live in an apartment and have questions about what your complex is doing to keep you and your workers safe, contact your management office.

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