VAN, Texas — Janine and her husband Charles Ellison got the concept for 'The Farmhouse' from their own backyard.


“We had an old barn in the middle of the farm," Janine Ellison. [Charles] decided that that would just be such a great, you know, feel for the restaurant.” 

The barn was originally built in the 1920's and purchased by Charles' father, Clovis "Mule" Ellison in the 1940's. 

The barn held many titles from dairy farm to beef operations. In 1980, what was left of the old barn was converted into farm storage. 

However, Charles Ellison had bigger plans for the historic barn. 

In 2003, Ellison moved the barn to where the restaurant sits and built onto it.

"We didn't have enough barn wood for the entire barn, so he built a barn at one end and a house farmhouse at the other," Janine Ellison explained. "And that was kind of just how it kind of culminated in to what you see."

Since 2003, The Farmhouse has served up Southern-style delicacies specializing in dishes for those with a sweet tooth.

Serving up Southern-style home cooking since 2003.

“When they think of Farmhouse, they think of our rolls and they think of our pies,” Ellison said.

Pecan, buttermilk, fudge brownie, Dutch apple, coconut and lemon meringue are just a few of the pies you can get at The Farmhouse.

“Everything we do and the pies is from scratch," Ellison explained. "It's homemade recipes that we just kind of tweaked over the years."

Janine says their made-from-scratch recipes will never change, which is why she says The Farmhouse will stick around for years to come.

“At the end of the day, we're simple, and and we try to do our best at everything," Ellison said. "All of us working together to do what's best for Van and for what's best for everybody."