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Olympic medalist explains the importance of knowing how to swim

With the warmer weather, people will start heading to the pool or lake. Before you grab the pool floats, make sure you know how to swim

TYLER, Texas — Drowning is the leading cause of death in children in the United states.

That is why Olympic swimmer and 3-time medalist Elizabeth Beisel is pushing for people to teach their young children how to swim. 

"Swimming is a critically life saving skill to have," Beisel said. "Children that are from the ages of one to four, they drown more likely than anybody else. And 10 people drown in the United States every single day."

Not only can learning how to swim save your life, but it also benefits your brain as well. 

"It's also really good for your brain because research shows that children that learn how to swim before the age of five are statistically have higher IQs and they have more advanced cognitive functions," Beisel said.

Beisel is an ambassador for the USA Swimming Foundation and volunteers as a swimming instructor. 

"So I started swimming when I was five years old on a swim team," Beisel explained. "And then that basically turned into an Olympic swimming career for me, but I always loved the water."

If you are past the kid stage, it is still never to late to learn to swim. 

Jeremy Bumgardner, general manager at Tyler Athletic and Swim Club, says they get students of all ages jumping into the pool for the first time. 

"We have many adults come to us in a shy fashion that say I don't know how to swim," Bumgardner said. "We offer swim lessons for ages four and above.  So if you're 4, 44  or 104 we can give you some lessons."

For tips on pool safety or where to go to find swimming lessons go to: