KILGORE, Texas — The Texas Museum of Broadcasting and Communications added to its already extensive collection an important artifact in cable television.

In 1979, ESPN launched as the first 24-hour sports network. It was a radical idea that revolutionized cable television for years to come. 

In the early days, ESPN was noted for its flagship show SportsCenter and college basketball broadcasts.

Forty years later, ESPN has become the leading sports network in America with the rights to Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Baseball, the NBA Finals and numerous college sports championships including the College Football Playoff.

The Texas Museum of Broadcasting and Communication is preserving part of that history with a live truck used by the network in their earliest days.

In a Facebook post, the museum says they are working to get the truck back in working condition for display. Part of their challenge is wiring.

The museum says when wiring had to be added, they simply added more wires without removing old wires. The result is called wiring "kludges."

The museum has not said when the truck with be back to its original look.

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