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Residents concerned for "Death Fall" road, push for expansion

Paul Hancock says Meador Cemetery Rd. has become dangerously narrow.

TYLER, Texas — Paul Hancock has lived in Southeast Tyler for nearly 60 years. He said he’s watched Meador Cemetary Rd. slowly disintegrate to what it is now.

“It’s a death fall," he said. 

He referenced the ditch about four feet deep off the side of the road. With no shoulders or railings, Hancock said this could be dangerous.

He also said his biggest concern is that the road is too narrow for the school buses and 18-wheelers that use it.

Hancock asked a passing driver in an 18-wheeler, "What if you meet a school bus or another truck, can you pass them pretty good?”

The driver responded, “It’s not wide enough.”

The City of Tyler said they’re aware of this issue but don’t have the resources to fix it right now. They also said there are improvement projects going on in the area like the Shiloh Rd. widening project, but couldn’t confirm if Meador Cemetary road was a part of the project.

Hancock said until the city can widen the road, they should close it and he’d sleep better at night if they did.

“My conscience would feel good. If I don’t say anything and someone gets hurt, or killed, I’d feel terrible,” he said.