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How to report potholes in the Tyler area

A viewer reached out to us asking for help with potholes in north Tyler.

TYLER, Texas — **EDITOR'S NOTE: The photos of the roadways in this story are county roads. Green street signs indicate city streets, while blue signs represent county roads or private roads.

A CBS19 viewer emailed us about a problem they were having. The viewer sent photos of overgrown grass in north Tyler that was making it hard for drivers to see when driving

The viewer was also upset about road conditions on the north side of town, so we reached out to the City of Tyler for some answers. 

Credit: viewer submission

"There is no concerted effort to you know, to quote, ignore the north side of Tyler," city engineer Lisa Crossman said. "We're doing work every single year on the north side of town."

Credit: viewer submission

Crossman says the city actually evaluates their streets every year in their annual pavement plan. That's what determines which roads get fixed in the city and when. 

"We do have a pavement management consultants who will come in and drive every single street in the city, and they take video of those streets and then they use a computer program to basically identify any issues with the street," Crossman said. "So they are like counting cracks, potholes, any sort of defect in that segment, and then that computer program takes that data and produces what's called a pavement condition index score, or PCI."

The department then takes those scores and puts them in order, prioritizing which repairs will get done first. 

If you have a complaint about potholes or code violations, the City of Tyler has an app called "My Tyler". It allows you to make a report to code enforcement, contact your city council member or just find out events happening in the city.  

You can also call the street maintenance crew with any issues at 903-531-1393 Or if you see an area of city property where the grass is too high, call the mowing crew at 903-531-1312.

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