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Family feels disappointed after grand jury dismisses Wood County cold murder case

"Honestly, frustrated is not even the right word," said Hope McGlone, Brittany McGlone's sister. "I'm enraged."

WOOD COUNTY, Texas — On Wednesday, a Wood County grand jury chose to not indict a man who was being charged with capital murder in connection with a 15-year-old Winnsboro cold case.

Brittany McGlone, 19, was murdered back in 2007 and her family has been looking for answers since. Brittany McGlone's sister Hope McGlone said the family is in shock about the decision.

On Sept. 1, the family and Wood County Sheriff Kelly Cole  thought they found justice when a man was arrested for Brittany McGlone's murder. But, on Wednesday the heartache of the Brittany's murder has resurfaced, and they continue to look for answers.

"Honestly, frustrated is not even the right word," said Hope McGlone. "I'm enraged."

Cole said in a statement, “Injustice was done to this family. The evidence was overwhelming, and I will continue to look into this murder case.”

The Wood County District Attorney’s office has declined to comment on the decision.

"They're responsible for what happened today," said Hope McGlone. "I'm just as confused as the sheriff. I mean, he's done everything he's been able to do. He did his part, the district attorney did not do their part and did not come through."

Hope McGlone said the past 15 years have also been an injustice to her sister. 

"She truly was very driven and very family oriented," Hope McGlone said. "Silly, goofy, wasn't a huge like makeup glamour girl. She wasn't around people she shouldn't have been around, wasn't doing anything she shouldn't have been doing."

Hope McGlone also said she’s thankful for the help and communication from Cole and his team.

"I know that they wanted to help us," Hope McGlone said.. "This was their chance, and we were failed again by a system that is supposed to work for us and help us."

Cole said he will be meeting with the family soon and will continue to look into the case. 

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