HOUSTON COUNTY, Texas — Talk about airing your dirty laundry...

A Houston County game warden recently received a call concerning possible illegal hunting activity in the Germany community, just outside of Crockett. 

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the warden made his way to the house in question and as he pulled into the yard, a woman made a beeline to the front door of the house and closed the door behind her. 

The TPWD says an ice chest with a large six-point buck's head on it was found in the front yard. 

The warden knocked on the door and asked the woman to come back outside, but got no response. He then walked around the house and discovered another deer head and a Liberty County Jail offender identification card nearby with the woman’s photo on it. 

A criminal database search found the woman had two active felony arrest warrants. 

The TPWD says the warden, with help from a local sheriff’s deputy, searched the immediate area near the house, but was unable to locate the suspect. 

After coming up short during the initial search, Texas Department of Criminal Justice tracking dogs were called in to assist.

After a couple hours, the dogs followed a scent trail back to the house where the warden found the woman wedged between the washer and dryer underneath a pile of dirty laundry, according to the TPWD.

By the time the K9s tracked down the woman, the hunters, who were the focus of the initial visit, had returned and received citations for not having hunting licenses and numerous warnings. 

The unidentified woman was taken into custody on the outstanding warrants.