A family is without their mother and brother after police say the man killed his elderly mother, who family identify as Barbara Maley, on Wednesday night.

The man's sister, Christy Hopkins, was on the phone with her brother, she says he didn't sound like his usual self; saying things like he's lost his mind. Finally, Christy's brother told her something she'll never be able to forget.

"He eventually told me that he had killed her and I didn't believe him and I'm like no you didn't."

Christy and her husband called Ingleside police who went on a welfare check to the home in the 2300 block of Kenny Lane in Ingleside. When they arrived, gun shots rang out. After the police entered the home, they found the woman and her son dead from gunshot wounds.

"By the time we got here, by the time they got here, it was too late they were both gone," Hopkins says.

Christy says her brother was not a violent person by nature and they never thought he would be capable of killing someone. However, he was an Army Veteran dealing with PTSD. Hopkins says he was on medications but they needed to be adjusted; she believes this is to blame for the incident.

"He was just not in his right mind," she says.

A neighbor of Barbara Maley, James, says there were consistently police calls to the residence but Maley was the friendliest neighbor. James said he would help Barbara when she got locked out and had a knack for collecting bugs; her late husband and herself used to own a pesticide business in Ingleside.

"It makes me really sad knowing what actually happened, how much I helped her and how much I loved to be with her," says James Crek.

Hopkins adds that her brother leaves behind a daughter who lives with her mother here in South Texas.

Unfortunately, veteran suicides are not rare. Hopkins says this incident could've been prevented if her brother seeked out further help, she encourages anyone who may be going through a crisis to contact the Veterans Crisis Hotline at 1 (800) 273-8255.