TYLER, Texas — The Tyler Police Department arrested a suspect in last week's Rose Rudman Park attack.

"This was actually solved the old fashioned way," Don Martin of the Tyler Police Department said.

Tyler police identified James Earl Roberts Jr., 33, of Tyler as the suspect.

The incident happened at about 7:30 p.m. on March 14.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, the woman was finishing her run when she heard someone following her.

The affidavit says Roberts tackled her from behind and put his hand on her face telling to be quiet and that he had a knife.

Roberts allegedly drug her into a wooded area as the woman tried to fight back and scream. He allegedly pushed her face into the ground while holding the knife to her neck. 

The affidavit says police later found scrapes and scratches on her face and neck consistent with a marks from a dull knife and fingers.

When the woman asked what the man wanted, Roberts allegedly told her he wanted to have sex with her. The affidavit says the woman told police Roberts molested her from behind while tightening his grip over her mouth.

At that point, according to the affidavit, the suspect attempted to pull her pants down.

The affidavit says the woman continued to fight until she was able to grab the knife from Roberts and throw it away. She grabbed her phone and attempted to unlock. However, Roberts allegedly grabbed the phone and threw it away.

The affidavit says Roberts again tried to take her pants off. At that moment, she kicked him. He then got him and fled the scene.

The woman continued to scream for help. While waiting for help to arrive, the affidavit says she found a shoe in the creek that she believed was the suspect's. 

Finally, a woman came to help her contact police. 

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Soon after, police helped to find the woman's phone the suspect had allegedly thrown into the woods.

Police say they identified the suspect through a fingerprint found on the victim's cell phone that he threw into the woods. 

"And when I talk about doing it the old fashioned way, we actually were able to lift a partial print off the phone and then send it into the database from the government," he explained.

When police ran the partial prints, they got a hit that matched Roberts' prints.

Police say after further investigation, they secured an arrest warrant and arrested Roberts Wednesday.

Roberts is charged with aggravated kidnapping and is housed in the Smith County Jail. His bond is set at $350,000.

Roberts requested a lawyer so police have not yet interrogated him until he has an attorney present.

Roberts has a long history of criminal charges dating back to 2007 including making a terroristic threat, DUI and burglary.

His latest arrest was for public intoxication on March 16, two days after the incident at Rose Rudman Park.