SAN ANTONIO – There’s a special bond between a father and his daughter and one San Antonio daddy-daughter duo took their love for Whataburger and challenged themselves to something that has rarely been done before.

The duo ate at all 68 Whataburger locations in San Antonio.

The challenge started when Kalli Cordau was 5-years-old. Her twin sister, Adia, was diagnosed with cancer and Kalli was feeling forgotten.

Her dad, Brian Cordau, came up with the idea of a daddy-daughter date at Whataburger.

The two enjoyed their alone time so much that they made it a regular activity and later decided to challenge themselves to eat at every Whataburger location in town.

They recently hit their goal of eating at all 68 spots.

Sister Adia is now in remission, so she is also getting her own daddy-daughter dates. Adia’s dates involve shopping.

While Kalli and Brian still love to hit up Whataburger, their daddy-daughter dates now involved hiking.