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Downtown Tyler Film Festival: Emcee's Blog - Day 2


To say I wasn't nervous last night would be a lie. I definitely was. But, I wasn't scared nervous. I was more nervous in the sense I wanted to do a good job because I absolutely love this event.

Now that my short little ramble is over let's talk about tonight's films.

Tonight's selections are from all over the globe.

It's incredible to see the talent from all over the world. But, it's even more incredible to see what different people in different regions of the world can do with the same tool. A camera.

There are a total of twelve film's tonight ranging from here in the U.S. to as far as Uzbekistan.

The twelve film's for the evening are:

  • "Alienation" - C.W. Johnson Jr, United States: In an post-apocalyptic landscape, a loner trying to live by a moral code faces his ultimate challenge when he finds a woman working alone in a garden.
  • "All Smiles" - Samantha McDanel - United States: A dental assistant is afraid that a patient might bite off her finger.
  • "Baggage" - Carson Bailie - United States: On the morning he leaves his fiancé, a man is visited by a representation of guilt in the form of those he's previously left behind.
  • "Different" - Dante Rustav & Hristina Belousova, Uzbekistan: Despite of what we are, what species we belong to, and where we live, the depletion of habitat depletes us too.
  • "Driven: The Bryce Cornet Story" - Trevor Rogers - United States: Driven is the story a young racer's determination to make it to the top. The world of Autosports is incredibly competitive and costly. The road to success is long and winding, but Bryce Cornet and his family know that there is no substitute for dedication and drive.
  • "Forouzan" - Mirabbas Khosravinezhad, Iran: A woman was living in a village with her two small kids. The thieves want to rob her cattle but she finds out.
  • "#FAFATL" - Sean Osorio, United States: Free Art Friday is a worldwide phenomenon that has had great positive impact in the lives of those who participate in it. Atlanta, Georgia happens to have one the largest active communities in the world. Local artists regularly drop pieces of their art around the city of Atlanta for anyone and everyone to find.
  • "Here Comes the Neighborhood" - Michael Charron, United States: A yuppie investor scouts real estate opportunities in an "up and coming" part of town, where he encounters a series of begrudging locals.
  • "THË TAIL ØF THË UPSIDE DØWN MËRMAID" - Nick Flügge, United Kingdom: Ferdig dreams of catching a mermaid and making her his wife, but this is no ordinary mermaid...
  • "That Smell" - Kyle Lavore, United States: A young man with a passion for pleasant aromas is lured into the underground world of book sniffing.
  • "The Last Cruise" - Hristina Belousova, Uzbekistan: Everyone has a ticket for this ship, but it always sails at different times.
  • "With Me" - Azadeh Ghochagh, Iran: The indecisive story of a girl who ran from her past.

Tomorrow night will also be exciting as it's Texas Originals Night! All film's tomorrow come from all over the Lone Star State.

Make sure you come out!