The man seen in a cell phone video pointing a gun at another driver in an act of road rage is 49-year-old Joseph Benjamin Sida.

He was arrested Tuesday and booked into jail in DeSoto. Overnight he was transferred to the Dallas County jail and his bond was set at $1,000. He posted it and was released at about 8 a.m.

Sida faces a year in jail and a $4,000 fine after being charged with deadly conduct.

Joseph Sida

The victim in this case is thankful police took it seriously enough to track him down.

“I just would want to ask him why,” Victoria Best said. “I’m happy that he’s gonna be charged with something. I’m glad he’s not gonna be able to get away with it. I don’t want what he did to me, for him to do it to someone else."

Best says the other driver tapped his brakes several times, as if annoyed she was following too closely. She took out her cell phone to record him when he slowed down and rolled down his window.

Now he has told investigators he thought that cell phone was a gun, and that he pulled out his gun in self-defense.

“Yeah, every day I wonder why he did it. What did I do?" she said. “To where he felt like he needed to pull a gun out and point it at me.”

The additional trouble for the suspect is that he’s a licensed security guard. He stands to lose his license if convicted.

“The state security board is going to look at the facts of this case and figure out if he’s going to keep his license, and if he doesn’t have his license, he can’t keep his job. So it goes back to, let’s think before we act," Pete Schulte, an attorney, said.

As for Best, she’s just hoping all of us on the road learn a lesson from her horrible week.

“Just be patient. That way what happened to me won’t happen to anyone else," she said.

The charges against the suspect could have been worse -- aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, which is a felony, if Best actually saw the gun in person.

She admits she didn’t know about the gun until she reviewed the cell phone video at home.