Every President in America's history has given a state of the union address. It’s a constitutional law and helps the country learn what our leader has in store for the year.

President Trump is coming off a victory of the newly passed tax law.

While that's great, he is facing an uphill battle on immigration reform and infrastructure.

Today, I spoke to Miranda Reyna, at UT Tyler, about what she hopes the president will address in his speech. Some young East Texans tell me they are worried about rising college tuition and student loan debt.

"In terms of government spending, I think the government could do a better job of spending the money in the right places," Reyna says. "The government could help out those that are homeless and help poverty."

Other people tell me they hope the President will come up with a plan to use federal funding to support tuition. Also, to find a way to help those struggling with debt.