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Update: East Texas Giving Day hits $1 million

East Texas Giving Day is entering it's fourth year of fundraising. This year, 185 charities and other non-profit entities will be participating.
Credit: kytx
Camp V Tyler

TYLER, Texas — Today East Texas Giving is host an 18-hour online fundraiser. People can donate to various organizations of their choice. This year, a total of 185 charities and other non-profits will be participating, making it ten more than last year. 

Donations can be made from 6 a.m. to midnight. 

As of 7 p.m., East Texas Giving Day has hit $1,160,919. 

The Morning Loop sat down with two of the organizations that are seeking donations, Camp V Tyler and Therapet. 

Camp V Tyler 

Camp V Tyler purchased 20 acres of land in Tyler in early April. According to Jim Snow with the East Texas Veterans Community Council, the final project will not be complete until 2023. 

Credit: kytx
Camp V property

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