Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The Midlands of South Carolina will be one of the best places in the United States to witness the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse that's taking place on August 21.

Most everyone will get a good show, but some areas of the region will see the eclipse for a little longer than others.

So how about your neighborhood? NASA has made a wonderful interactive map that lets you zoom (the zoom controls are on the right hand side of the map) into your community and find out exactly when the eclipse will begin, when you'll see totality (the moment when the moon comes completely in front of the sun) and when the last moment you'll see it at all.

Just click on your city or neighborhood when you've zoomed in.

The differences aren't great (in most cases they vary by a few seconds, usually less than a minute) but it is fascinating and informative to see.

You can get this interactive map going to the NASA Solar Eclipse Website.

Oh, and more thing, and this is critically important: do NOT attempt to look at the sun during the eclipse, even when we have totality. You could causes permanent, severe damage to your eyes. And sunglasses will not work either. You need to find approved solar eclipse glasses that can block out the sun. We have what you need to know before you get your glasses, which you find on the WLTX Solar Eclipse Page.

And don't forget: The South Carolina State Fair and WLTX will be offering a “totally” awesome tailgating experience during Columbia’s historic eclipse. For more details, go to the Total Eclipse Tailgate Page.