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Classroom partitions to be used to help slow spread of virus in schools

While the partition cannot completely stop the virus' spread, it can add another barrier to keep kids separated.

TYLER, Texas — With the fall semester fast approaching, many parents are concerned with protecting their children if they return to in-person classes.

With that in mind, a printing shop in North Little Rock, Arkansas created classroom partitions that help to keep students separated at their desks. 

Similar to Plexiglas, Casey Moore at SCN printing designed them after initially getting the request from his wife, an elementary school teacher. 

“My wife said, it was Plexiglas, and it was really expensive," Moore said. "If you know anything about the teachers, they don't have that kind of money. And schools don't necessarily have that kind of money just to buy something that may not necessarily serve a purpose in six months.”

The partitions divide into sections to separate students for a variety of seating arrangements.

"They work for a variety of things we've seen," Casey Moore said. "We've seen schools order for cafeterias, for small group tables, little kidney shaped tables, obviously for the long desk, they can put them side by side or you know, put one in space, then one."

Credit: kytx
SCN Printing classroom partitions

Moore said the partitions are not 100% effective to protect students from the virus, but it does provide another barrier.

"We're not, we're not scientists here. We're not doctors. We are just a local business family owned, that saw a need and wanted to try to help out," Moore said. "In a time like this, everything being crazy, and everybody's stressed out worried, if something gives you a peace of mind to at least go into a school in an educational setting, then that to me is worth it."

The partition cost starts at $19 each for a bundle of 25.

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