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Lindale ISD 50-year employee celebrates 80th birthday

Fifty years ago, Mr. Mallory went into teaching as an escape from his troubled life.

LINDALE, Texas — There are many people who make an impact in our lives, but one man has impacted an entire school district for 50 years.

This machine may be working hard but it hasn’t worked nearly as hard or as long as Mr. Mallory.

Lindale ISD’s print shop manager Tommy Oscar Mallory turned 80 years old Wednesday, and 50 of those years have been spent at Lindale ISD.

"Well I woke up this morning feeling 80," Mallory said. 

Mallory got his first start at teaching in Lindale. 

"I had some hard times and made some bad decisions and I really needed a way to go," Mallory said. 

That way to go was teaching.    

"Of course that was a long time ago. I’ve had a classroom in three different campuses since I’ve been here and the whole thing of teaching has been a blessing to me," Mallory said. 

But before he came to Lindale ISD, he was in the printing business already.

"There’s a picture on the wall up there of me feeding a hand-fed newspaper press. I was working for the Lindale News when I was a senior in high school," Mallory said. 

It’s been a full circle of life for Mallory. His first classroom he taught in was also his first-grade classroom. And to add to his resume, "I drove a bus for 38 years," Mallory said.

But to Mallory, nothing feels like home as Lindale.

"I just never considered going anywhere else. Well I did consider it one time and every superintendent that came through wanted to take me with them but I just wanted to stay here," Mallory said.

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