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Longview ISD expanding international baccalaureate program across district

Longview ISD is working on expanding their baccalaureate program to each school in their district. The process is expected to take more than two years to complete.

LONGVIEW, Texas — As the 2019-2020 school year continues, Longview ISD is placing part of its focus on future classes. 

The district is in the process of expanding its current International Baccalaureate program to all of its campuses, while also adding a fourth IB program to its current three. 

"We want to open up the IB more for all students," Linda Buie, Dean of Instruction Implementing at Longview ISD, said. "It helps make students global citizens. It helps them to become critical thinkers."

According to Ibo.org, the IB offers an education for students from age 3 to 19. The site says it is compromised of four programs that focuses on teaching students to think critically and independently and how to inquire with care and logic.  

Longview ISD's application and approval process is expected to take around two to two-and-a-half years. During that time, the district will work with current Texas IB consultants. Once the application is approved the IB program will be implemented at all schools across the district. 

The three current IB Programs are the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Program. 

The proposed fourth program is the called the Career & Technology Program. It would be added to Longview High School. 

"This will work with our students who are in the career and technology field," Buie said. "They're encouraged to take two IB courses and then continue their CTE certification in whatever field they are working on in career and technology."

The Primary Years Program is currently at Everhart, while the Middle Years Program is at Forest Park

According to Buie, the Primary Years and Middle Years Program have been at the two Longview schools for about 15 years. The two programs are taught under an instructional framework that uses the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. The Primary Program is based off of units of inquiry, while the Middle Years program uses big concepts and structure for their lessons. 

Buie says Longview High School has been using the Diploma Program for the past several years. There are about 60 seniors, 65 juniors, 70 sophomores and 80 freshman in the program. 

The Diploma Program takes two years to complete and is curriculum based. IB mandates students take seven different courses. 

  • Language 
  • Language Acquisition 
  • Social Studies 
  • Math
  • Science
  • Fine Arts 
  • Theory of Knowledge (Psychology/Philosophy)

The Middle Years Program will also be added to Longview High School if the IB application is approved. 

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