MINEOLA, Texas — Mineola ISD approved pay raises for the district's teachers beginning in the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. The raises allow teachers at Mineola to make well above the state requirement.

According to the district, the board of trustees voted for the pay raises August 5.

“The commitment of MISD to recognize the amazing work of staff and the value of our teachers is evident with the decision to invest 40% of the new funding into salaries,” superintendent Dr. Kim Tunnell said.

Teachers with four or less years experience will receive at least a $3,000 raise. Teachers with five years or more of experience will received a raise of at least $3,600.

There will be an adjustment to the salaries to keep them above the state hiring scale.

The district raised the salaray for beginning teachers to $38,700. 

Teachers with the district will also receive a $2,000 stipend to obtain a master's degree.

“The decision to support our teachers with 8% over the required amount is validation of their hard work and dedication to our students,” Dr. Tunnell said.

Administrators will receive a 1.5% increase to their midpoint salary range. Other staff will receive a 3% raise based on midpoint ranges.

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