Texas parents will soon see their child's STAAR Test results in a new way.

Changes are coming that state leaders say will benefit both students and parents.

Texas Commissioner of Education Mike Morath met with Tyler ISD administrators and school board members Monday at Dixie Elementary School.

The STAAR Report Cards replace existing Confidential Student Reports that parents received in years passed.

Along with updated terminology to describe student performance, a section is dedicated to highlighting each student's growth from year to year.

There's also an area dedicated to the child's Lexile reading level, which includes a suggested reading list based on the level.

"Our STAAR report card is designed to empower parents with that extra support for knowledge and skills," said Morath.

Reports include a unique online access code for each student, enabling parents to log on to www.texasassessment.com.

There, they can access STAAR assessment questions and answers, along with their child's answers. The feature is currently limited to the reading and math tests for grades 3-8, but Morath said the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has future plans to expand it.

Along with the each question, parents will also find information on how it relates to classroom curriculum.

"I think that's a major improvement in transparency to de-mystify the process but also. again. to try to give parents -- as the first teacher of our children -- as much information as possible to support their kiddos," Morath said. "I know I want that for my own kids."

High school STAAR reports are available beginning Tuesday. Those for grades 3-8 are available beginning June 30, according to TEA.