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15-year-old student receives 49 school acceptances and $1.4 million offers in scholarships

A Guilford County teen has been accepted into 49 colleges and receives $1.4 million in scholarship offers.

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Receiving an acceptance letter into college is a big dream for most high school students. 

One Guilford County teen is overjoyed after receiving 49 acceptance letters. Her mother, Nho Bui, took her time to share the journey it took for her daughter to get to this huge accomplishment. 

Sarah Nguyen is making major strides. 

"It's my crown case. These are all the titles I've won. These ones on top are all national titles," Nguyen shared as she showed her accolades. 

She's a pageant queen with a heart for serving her community. With all of this success, her crowning achievement might be being accepted into 49 schools with a total of $1.4 million offers in scholarships.

"We as her parents her dad and I and we’re just overwhelmed and overjoyed," Bui shared. 

Nguyen shared what it meant for her to get to this point. 

"It was a really cool adventure," she said.

The high school senior is well on her way. Yet, it didn’t start that way. When Sarah was in middle school, she was bullied.

"Mom and Dad took me out in seventh grade and they took me out of the country for one month just to distress from everything and when we came back Mom tried homeschooling me," Nguyen explained. 

Her mom found homeschooling to be tough and even very difficult at one point. So, she enrolled her in an online academy based in Missouri which sped up her learning journey. Not to mention, Nguyen is only 15 years old. 

"It’s self-base so I was doing school all year long even in the summertime. So we were going on vacation a lot I’ll be at the beach and just doing my work because everything is self-paced and it’s actually college professors that teach me there," she shared. 

She was doing so well in the academy her mother decided to take it up a notch and put her in dual enrollment classes at Davidson Davie community college.

"I love schoolwork! My favorite classes are biology because I love doing labs and my medical terminology courses," Nguyen exclaimed.

From being bullied to having so much success, Sarah is faced with a good problem— dozens of acceptance letters.

"I really wasn't expecting to get accepted into this many schools," she said. 

From schools like UNC Pembroke, Florida Southern University, Wingate University, and High Point University.

"I'm stuck between High Point University and UNC Pembroke," Nguyen continued.

With a big decision on her hands, she hopes her story can inspire others.

"Believe in yourself and once you set your mind to it you can do anything you want to do," Nguyen said. 

We at WMFY News 2 wish Nguyen all the best on her journey,  She tells me she hopes to become a general surgeon someday.


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