A 76-year-old who loves Big Red received a wonderful surprise from a local beverage company after her story went viral.

It all started when an EMS paramedic posted his story about her on Facebook. He and his partner went on a welfare check involving the 76-year-old woman who'd fallen and been on the floor for an unknown amount of time.

After he and the Tyler Police Officers helped get her up, he tried to convince her to go and get checked out at the hospital but she said "All I want is a Big Red to drink and I will be fine."

She finally agreed to go with EMS after Sgt. Noble with the Tyler Police department told her he would bring one to the hospital..and he made good on his promise!

Thankfully, the woman is doing just fine and is back home, and Erick Fuseller with Tyler Beverages, Inc. along with the Tyler Police Department supplied her with plenty of her favorite drink: