CBS 19 received a letter via email from family members of 43-year-old, Alfredo McCowan.

In the letter, the family said they don't want to be identified but they wanted to know whether or not McCowan was murdered in jail.

CBS 19 received a press release from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

In the press release, the spokesperson detailed Alfredo's death.

"I can tell you that staff at the Bradshaw State Jail observed him 15 minutes before he was found unresponsive," said Jason Clark, Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

He said, "so they were doing security checks Wednesday and around 11:50 a.m. they found him unresponsive."

Family members said in the letter to CBS 19, they tried to visit Alfredo just last weekend and were told they couldn't see him because he was sick and using drugs.

Both of which they suspect to be lies.

The family said no one has provided them with answers about how their relative died.

Jason said he'd be happy to speak with them about the investigation.

"Once we get done with my interview, I'll be happy to provide a contact name and information you can pass along to them," said Clark.

The family has not yet responded to CBS 19's attempts to contact them for comment.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice contact: (936)-437-6052