TYLER, Texas — About 100 kids will attend the glass recreation summer camp in Tyler. Roughly 80% of them will take part in the summer food program.

"We try and find those areas that we can reach the most children and we're hoping to distribute almost one-hundred thousand meals and every meal we distribute is going to be a meal that's needed," East Texas Food Bank CEO, Dennis Cullinane, said.

As summer begins, many children will need to replace the free meals they were getting from school. 

"We have them from nine to three or nine to 1:30," Recreation Specialist Staci Lara said. "During that time frame, they're riping, they're running they are playing. So they need a good meal and with the food banks help were able to offer that daily."

The program provides free nutritious meals and will be at more than fifty sites throughout East Texas. 

Being a member of the camp is not required in order to get food. If you are 18 or younger, you can show up at one of the sites and receive a meal.

One in four children in Texas has no idea where their next meal will come from.

Having a reliable source of food whether or not you are part of the camp is a big relief for a lot of parents. 

Here is a list of the following sites in Tyler:

  • Andrew's Park - 1358 E. Richards St. 
  • Berfield Park - 1510 S. College Ave.
  • Church On Fire - 2159 Deerbrook Dr. 
  • Glass Recreation Center - 501 W. 32nd St. 
  • Journeys of the Heart - 901 N. Broadway 
  • Liberty Arms Apartments - 2601 N. Broadway 
  • Lincoln Park - 1710 N. Confederate 
  • PT Cole Park - 1001 South Vine 
  • Rose Valley - 1007  NNW Loop 323
  • Town Parc Apartments - 2202 WNW Loop 323
  • Victory Park Apartments - 2700 N. Grand
  • WIC Clinic - Tyler Amherst - 225 E. Amherst, Ste. #800
  • WIC Clinic - Tyler Broadway - 815 N. Broadway