OVERTON (KYTX)-Two little girls from Overton still don't get why the city shut down their lemonade stand for lack of a permit, but the community is standing behind them and showing support.

CBS 19's Destiny McKeiver finds out everything you need to know about lemonade stands and the law.

"I was a little confused--I was going like, what in the world is going on..." said Andria Green, lemonade stand shut down by police.

Andria and her sister, Zoey Green describe their first run-in with the law.

"We were doing just fine until the cops came," said Andria.

"They shut us down," said Zoey.

The 7 and 8-year-old sisters set up a lemonade stand down the street from where they live.

They tell me they wanted to raise money for a Father's Day gift.

"We were going to Splash Kingdom.." said Andria.

Regardless of their plans, less than an hour later, they were told by police to pack up.

Code enforcement saying they were out of compliance with Texas Law.

"Well we just had the lemonade stand and we did not have a permit apparently," said Sandi Evans, mother.

Texas House Bill 970 states that only this list of food items can be sold without health inspection, otherwise, items like lemonade require health permits.

"As lemonade they cannot just get over there and make lemonade and have it for sale on the side of the road without permits," said Clyde Carter, Overton Police Chief.

Texas Cottage Food Law's website says you need a permit to sell certain foods, we also spoke with Tyler and Longview, who told us that kids selling lemonade would probably not cause them to take any action.

I do not understand how you can sell food for money if you cannot sell lemonade --powdered lemonade," said Evans.

Then later, the kids found a way to have a lemonade stand legally, they'd have to give it away, so they will.

"I'm still kind of confused," said Andria.

"I'm sad that we closed but I'm happy we get to open it back up," said Zoey.

The girls will open their stand again Saturday beginning at 10 am at their home on Garden Club Rd.

We also found this information for parents: This year's Lemonade Day on July 11, presented by Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics, kids will get literature in a backpack when they register that takes them from the business idea (a lemonade stand) to building the stand, making lemonade, and selling it on the day of the event.

Register Here: