A suspect is behind bars after threatening his ex-girlfriend and ramming into her car in Lufkin Friday morning.

According to the Lufkin Police department, 39-year-old David Huerta was arrested after he threatened his ex-girlfriend with a hammer and chased her around Lufkin, ramming her car and reaching speeds exceeding 76 miles per hour.

She called 911 saying that he was behind her on Timberland Drive and that she feared him. Dashcam video shows that Huerta was chasing her and ramming her vehicle. He reportedly also had a hammer in his hand and waved it out the window at her in a threatening manner during the chase.

Officers found them near Big's Convenience Store on North Timberland Drive and arrested Huerta.

A hammer was found during a search of his car.

The woman said he had run her off the road the previous week near Eye Mart Express. At that time, she said he had threatened to kill her and struck her windshiled before fleeing the scene.

Huerta is in the Angelina County Jail on one charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The incident is still under investigation and addional charges are pending.