TYLER, Texas — A public relations specialist for the City of Tyler took on the task to translate the city's 2018 annual report.

While communications might be her job, Adriana Rodriguez knew she would need some help.

"It's a little bit out of my knowledge so I had to do a little research," Rodriguez said. "Part of my research was asking my dad a lot of questions. He is a very smart man and he knows a lot about translating documents."

Adriana and her dad, Edgar Rodriguez, are from Puerto Rico and say they understand how important it was to do this project.

"You could speak English and Spanish," Edgar explained. "Still you might not be able to translate correctly, so it's not that easy."

Edgar still lives in Puerto Rico so the pair worked via phone calls and Facetime.

"Everyone in our community should know this, the information that's on the report, and if we can help them better understand it, that is our main goal," Adriana said. 

The City of Tyler 2018 Annual Report showcases budgeting decisions and different projects that happened during that year. This is only the second year it has been translated into Spanish.

"You just flip it (the report) over, it's in a different language," Adriana explained.

The report is available at different organizations around the city of Tyler.