FORT WORTH -- Forrest Sanco and Donna Grant, both 56, are friends from high school who recently reconnected and fell in love.

Their plan was to fly themselves to the Bahamas, then fly back to Fort Worth as a married couple.

"They had lots of plans and lots to look forward to, so we're just devastated," says Grant's daughter-in-law Erin Simmons.

No one has seen or heard from the couple since Sept. 26. Instagram posts that day show them enjoying the Bahamian sunrise. But Simmons told WFAA that Forrest was supposed to fly them to another island, North Eleuthera, later that afternoon -- then to their final destination of Rum Cay, 121 miles away.

They made it to the first island, but not the second.

"They landed around 1:30," in North Eleuthera, Simmons says. "They purchased 13 gallons of fuel. Around 2:30 they flew out to Rum Cay, as far as we know was their destination. That's the last we've heard of them."

Jason Fox is Forrest's long-time friend and a fellow pilot. He knew service would be spotty and didn't think much of it when he stopped hearing from Forrest, who'd been corresponding with him via e-mail the entire trip.

But no one realized the couple was missing until they didn't return to Fort Worth.

"My biggest concern is the time and the fact we didn't really know he was missing until too much time had passed," Fox says.

We now know weather that day called for afternoon storms and repairs had been done to the plane during the trip. We're told Donna and Forrest originally took off from a small airfield in Cresson, southwest of Fort Worth.

The plane they were flying, a Cessna 150, had recently been purchased by Forrest.

Family is now relying on GoFundMe donations to hire private search crews. Debris spotted by one of their pilots turned out to be unrelated.

"We have to try to stay positive as we can and keep going," Simmons says, hoping Donna and Forrest come home soon.