Grand Saline Police Department officers released a statement in the wake of their former chief's resignation amid several charges.

Former police chief, Justin Collins, resigned after admitting to misusing city funds, and posted a public apology on his Facebook page, saying in part:

I must be held accountable for my actions so I will be entering a guilty plea to this charge as soon as possible.

Now, the officers of the Grand Saline police department collectively issued a statement in response all that has happened in the past few weeks:

We know the public has requested to hear from us and would like some insight as to what happened. First of all we would like to thank each and every person who stood behind us and supported us through this entire ordeal. We are glad to see that Justin Collins has admitted his guilt and has agreed to move forward. 18 months ago we reported criminal activity but unfortunately the assigned special prosecutor neglected to prosecute. We all worked a security job and Justin Collins stole about $10,000 from the officers and spent it all on a family vacation. The misuse and theft of City funds and equipment was also reported. It has obviously been difficult to trust him as our leader for the past 18 months. Since then it was discovered that Justin Collins has tampered with government documents and is even being investigated for possible bribery. We as police officers gave an oath and are held at a higher standard. A crime is a crime no matter what the classification it falls under and a lie is still a lie. The officers agreed to allow Justin Collins to take a plea on the Theft by a Public servant which would require him to resign from the city, permanently surrender his peace officer license and probation. This plea means that he would only face the misdemeanor charge and not the multiple felony charges.
We did what was right, our integrity is solid and we stood by our oath and gave the citizens of Grand Saline what they deserve Justice!

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